Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Mission & Vision

Mission statement of POLITUR

“We, POLITUR men and women, provide an effective and high-quality contribution to the security of the tourism industry of Curaçao. Our ultimate goal is a safe destination, an island of undisturbed fun, leisure and roaming freedom that is in harmony with the community and our cultural heritage”


Tasks of POLITUR:

To provide for emergency response and relief for tourists;

  • To provide initial response and interventions, including intake and reporting;
  • To provide first intervention to victims;
  • To provide for after care and guidance;

Enforce public order and security at touristic locations;

  • Provide surveillance and supervision based on intelligence;
  • Act on threats where safety and security of tourists are or may be compromised;
  • To provide (security) information;
  • Participate in projects and events organized by the sector;
  • To advise the CPF Unit Special Licenses when granting permits;
  • To give feedback to the CPF Neighborhood Detective and the CPF Info Desk.

Prevention of disturbance to public order and acts punishable by law;

  • To provide advise and guidance on crime prevention to the efforts for development of the tourism products;
  • To perform risk analyses (jointly with the CPF Prevention Department) and develop measures and programs based on the results of the analyses.
  • To setup and assure implementation of crime prevention projects and coordinate the measures to be taken by the parties involved.